bullet trap / gun disarming cabinet

product information and features:


    This bullet trap is specially designed for the disarming of handguns and rifles at checkpoints in all areas where handguns and rifles are checked-in, e.g. Airports, Government Buildings, Shooting Ranges, Casinos, Gun Dealers, Mines, etc.   

    The bullets can be of any type for example: handgun – 9mm and 45 magnum, rifles – R4, R5, 12 gauge and 7.62 x 52mm amour piercing bullets as the Bullet Trap contains material that will “catch” armour-piercing bullets (as per example found below).


    The Bullet Trap contains a unique composition of “Kevlar”, Ceramics, High Density GRP and Polymers contained in a steel casing.  The steel casing is surrounded by shock and energy absorption silica surrounded by a smooth moulded fiberglass.             


    Both the SAPS Forensic Science Laboratories and the Amour Development Division of Armscor in Pretoria, South Africa, (L177, dated 14/02/2007) tested the BPT Bullet Trap using all ranges of handguns and rifles. All the findings met the requirements as a safety device to ensure safe unloading of firearms.

    The bottom is provided with slip resistant Neoprene rubber foam to provide resistance to moving after a shot has been fired into it.  As an alternative it is also possible to permanently bolt the Bullet Trap into position through the flanges on the side.


Height: 260mm

Width: 275mm

Depth: 450mm

Mass: 20Kgs

Cylinder Size: 130mm Diameter

Bullet Trap
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